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This is about Mobility, and how Technology now makes it possible to run your business on the move. Sage 200 2013 is a great example of this.

Will that be to go?


Licencing for Sage 200 has changed for 2013.

There are now two licencing options for Sage 200. A subscription option allows you to pay monthly for your use. This is available to both Online and On Premise deployment options. For On-premise there is also the perpetual licensing that there has been for previous versions.

As well as the way you can can pay, there are also more types of user available. There is the option of a Full Sage 200 user or Web user licences (NB. Full users also get access to the Web/Self Service user). For CRM users there is also the CRM User and Suite user options still available.

The way we enter Licences has also changed. Gone are the days of typing out 24 blocks of 5 letters. Licences will now be activated using your account and serial number. These numbers are entered within the System Administration, which launches an automated system (online) that links to Sage’s internal systems. The details are authenticated in order to allow you to licence the system by selecting a licencing button.

Licences are stored in an  XML certificate.

If for some reason you do not have an Internet connection, there is a manual option available.

If you Right Click on ‘Licence’, in System Administration and select ‘Generate Licence Request’. A licencerequest.xml file is generated. This can be manually emailed to Sage, who will send the XML file back, to be imported into System Administration.

One of the key elements of Sage 200 2013 is the choice of deployment that it offers. Companies can now choose between an On-Premise and an Online (Cloud) deployment.

Cloud ERP solutions are becoming a serious option for companies. This is increasingly due to the savings they can make on infrastructure requirements such as the latest Hardware, Security and Backup systems. In the past, companies have been wary about how secure Cloud solutions are, as their key business data is involved. But Cloud solutions (generally) have much more sophisticated security and data recovery systems than what business can implement internally.

Sage 200 2013 Online has no upfront expenses for hardware just a single monthly subscription fee. You pay for what you use and there is more flexibility than before to add and remove users or modules.

With Line 100 becoming end of life in April 2014; Sage 200 online offers more companies an affordable upgrade option without the loss of key functionality, as now there is an upgrade option for Sage 200 without the added costs of new servers and other required components such as Microsoft SQL server.

For certain businesses it can still make sense to invest upfront, They may wish to keep data in-house and have the resources required to invest in technology/infrastructure as well as continue ongoing maintenance.

On-Premise has all the same functionality as Online, but the addition of modules which are not currently available to the online option. Therefore the requirements ofa company may dictate which option they can go for. For example if a Manufacturing solution is required, the On-Premise deployment would need to be implemented.














Project Accounting











This document from Sage gives further details about the differences between Sage 200 2013 On-premise and Online.

Sage 200 2013 ON PREMISE

It’s finally arrived after months of anticipation.

Today sees the launch of the ON PREMISE release of Sage 200 2013. This follows on from the online version which was released in July.

An update has been released for Sage 200 Report Designer (Update 1.4.2013.27). This is to resolve the following known issue:

Issue 5454 – PCs running Sage 200 2011 cannot view reports spooled on the machine that has received the Sage 50 Payroll auto-update

Sage 200 users that also have Sage 50 Payroll installed, on their client machine, found problems with Sage 200 reports after installing Payroll Update 4 (v19.02).

This was because the Report Designer is updated to a higher version being run than the Report Designer used by Sage 200-only users. Reports modified or spooled (in Sage 200) by the Sage 50 Payroll users cannot be used by the Sage 200 users.

To overcome this Sage have released a standalone Report Designer update which can be installed on machines running Sage 200 2011 Service Pack 5. This update aligns the Report Designer to the same version as the Payroll users.

NB. This is the same version of Report Designer that comes as standard with Sage 200 2013 On Premise.

This update should be installed to all Sage 200 machines (not just those using Sage Payroll). Please be aware that a re-boot is also required once completed.

There is a compatibility issue with Sage 2013 Online v9.0 and the latest version of Payroll 19.02.157 which has update 4.

When logging on you get the following error box and Sage 200 won’t open:

Sage Payroll and 2013 Online issue

This is being looked into by Sage and they advised it will be fixed in v9.1 which should be released in the next 3-4 weeks.

The only workaround is to use a machine that doesn’t have this Payroll installed


A genious comparison of Technology and the Local pub.

Sage 200 could easily be the local pub itself, being the heart of a business like the local is the heart of a community.

Originally posted on :

Simon JenkinsonWritten by Simon Jenkinson, TSG’s Chief Architect, Research & Development

I’m sure we all have a local pub, the kind of place where you know the landlord by his first name, and who is always telling you a few dubious jokes with a cheeky grin.

You often see a few regular faces propping up the bar, reminiscing or just generally gossiping about the antics of their next door neighbour and his new girlfriend over a pint of abbot ale…pub landlord

I recently had a meal and a pint with my Dad at our local pub, and as is generally the case the conversation drifted on to technology which started to make me think. The local pub is an institution in the UK and something that brings people together, it promotes communication…which is exactly what technology does!

You have Facebook, with the local’s equivalent being the notice board showing pictures of…

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Slightly late posting this, but please be aware Sage have announced the date for the Sage 200 2013 On premise release has moved out to Tuesday 27th August.

Clearly its better they fix issues before release, but hopefully we get something on the 27th.

Sage 200 2013 Online is due for release this week (On Premise is due 26th July).

Sage have released some really useful documentation:


Sage 200 2013 What’s New





Since MMS version 1.00, the Sales Ledger has had the ability to post and print an Invoice using the Free Text Invoice.

However if a Free Text Credit Note was required the options were to use SOP (which could have been an expensive solution), or use a Word/Excel template for the documentation (duplication and longer work around).

Sage 200 2013 will at last see the introduction of a Sales Ledger Free Text Credit Note.