I am currently working my way through the new features included in Sage 200 2011 (core modules). Slightly later than I would have liked but the arrival of my baby daughter is my excuse.

There is not a mass of new features included in this version but I think there are certainly some key features that are not to be underated.

From a functionality point of view the introduction of Mobile for Iphone is a massive, massive bonus. For many users it seemed strange that Iphone was not made available as part of 2010, Blackberry being chosen instead. 

Functionality wise, there is no real difference to what is available on the Blackberry but it just seems to work better on the iphone. Its easier and quicker to navigate and just slicker.  It is still very much enquiry based enabling users to get information on the road by utilising the workspace options from the core system. And for any Sage 200 sales guys, demo this on the Ipad (WOW!)

Almost hidden away are improvements to the EC Sales list. For companies that are involved in intra-EC supplies of goods with 3 or more parties these changes will be very much welcomed. Functionality has now been included to identify the value of any Triangular supplies of goods on a separate line of the EC Sales list. Sales ledger and SOP transaction records include a tick box to specify if the transction is to be triangulated.

There are some points that users need to be aware of:

  • The tick box is at Transaction HEADER level, so ALL lines are treated as triangulated transactions.
  • It is not possible to consolidate orders, with differing triangultion settings, for invoice.
  • Orders created in Sage 200 CRM will need to be amended within Sage 200.
  • Retail, manufacturing and Project Accounting modules do not include the triangulation option.

I will aim to write about other suite new features once I have looked at them e.g. BOM/Manufacturing and Project Accounting.