Since Workspaces became available in version 2009, I have found it quite hard to convince users to use and make the most of them.

What is preventing users from utilising workspaces?

 • The Speed it takes to load them up.

 • They are hidden away, and so often forgotten about.

 • They do not know how extendable they are.

 • Often seen as another way of being able to do the same things.

Do You Know How Powerful Workspaces Are?

Workspaces are interactive enquiry screens. They are laid out to allow you to view up to date information, on a number of panels, which interact with each other. You are also able to access the standard processing actions and reports.

A number of workspaces are available out of the box and these can be amended to suit your own requirements. The layout of each panel can be amended in a similar way to the standard list views available in each module. Columns can be added from a predefined list, filters can be made on the columns and columns can be re-sorted etc.

The most POWERFUL part of Workspaces is the Workspace designer, which gives users and Business partners the ability and flexibility to create new Workspaces. In some respects it means an enquiry screen can be created in the same way a report can! The designer also allows you to extend the out of the box workspaces, for example you may want to add a column to the workspace that isn’t available. Using the Designer you can make it available.

What are the Positives?

• You are able to view data in an easy and readable format.

• You are able to view data from multiple modules or even data sources, in one enquiry. N.B. Using the Designer you can add information from other data sources such as excel or CRM.

• You can easily view information and process transactions with limited clicks.

• You can view related data within the one screen, where you normally would need to run multiple reports or open different enquiry screens. For example the Credit Control Workspace allows you to get Customer account detail and then outstanding transaction details in the one view.

Credit Control Workspace

• You can create your own, new Workspaces.

What are the Negatives?

• The workspaces are in a separate area of the desktop, rather than within their related modules.

• They can be slow to load when the Workspaces option is selected on the module.

Go on, have a look….

1. To use the default workspaces, select Workspaces from the Tool Bar or Navigation Bar.

2. To create or edit workspaces, select Tools > Workspace Designer. (Your user properties will need to have access enabled via System Administration)

Look out for future posts with tips about amending Workspace!!!