When creating a new Configuration database within System Administration, the following error could appear:

If you view the details it will show this error: 

System Administration is reading the web.config file, that is normally located here:

C:\Inetpub\Sage 200 App Services\Sage200Administration\web.config

If you open the web.config in Notepad, look at the lines: 

<add key=”ConfigurationSQLServerName” value=”[Server Instance Name]” />

<add key=”Sage200ConfigurationSecured” value=”true” />

Make sure that the “ConfigurationSQLServerName” key is looking at the correct SQL Server Name / Instance.

If the “Sage200ConfigurationSecured” key is set as True, it thinks that the System Administration login details for SQL have already been set and secured. This wouldn’t happen until the Configuration database has been created.  Therefore, you need to change the value to False then Save and Close web.config.

Web.config file

Similar to the above, if you are trying to create a configuration database in Sage 200 v2010 System Administration you may get this message:

“Log in failed, cannot open database, mms admin failed.”

The web.config file for 2010 is normally found here:


Open in notepad and find <add key=”Sage200ConfigurationSecured” value=”true”/>

Change the value to be “false”:

<add key=”Sage200ConfigurationSecured” value=”false”/>