When logging in to Sage 200 you could receive the following error:

Login failed for user ‘MMSUser’

This would occur if an invalid SQL Server name has been used, the SQL Server can not be accessed from the Sage Server or the Sage 200 user accounts have not been created in the SQL Server instance that Sage 200 is using.

The most likely cause is after an installation. Within the SQL Server instance the user account ‘MMSUser’ must exist. It must also be set up as an SQL Login and not just a database user.

Within System Administration, Select Companies on the left hand side.

Right Click a Company, and select Properties.

Click ‘TEST’. This will create the Sage database users and grant access to the Company database.

When this is done on the first company, a login screen will appear and you need to login to the SQL instance. NB. This is a SQL login, and needs to be a member to the database administration group.