Drilldown Reports

Drilldown reports add an extra dimension to reports by giving them an interactive element. By using the drilldown facility you are able to launch other reports or even a web page. To make interaction even more streamlined you are able to pass variables between reports. For example you can specify criteria for one report basedContinue reading “Drilldown Reports”

BI database not updating

If your system is installed on a Windows Server 2008 (64 bit) one thing to check is the Business Intellegence scheduled task. If the ‘Configure For’ is set to ‘Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008’ , try recreating the task again and set the ‘Configure For’ to ‘Windows Server 2003, Windows XP or Windows 2000’. The Scheduled Task should now run andContinue reading “BI database not updating”

Spread the Word

Please tell friends, colleagues, customers etc about Talking Sage 200. Subscribe to be updated on new posts, follow @talkingsage200 on twitter and/or hit the ‘Like’ button at the top. It really helpful to receive comments and ratings about posts too. I really want to find out about problems and experiences that others have had with Sage 200. If you are unsureContinue reading “Spread the Word”

Journal Entry Types

There are a number of different journal routines within Sage 200. Journal Entry The standard Journal entry option (Nominal Ledger > Nominal Transactions > Journal entry) allows you to enter Single Entry, Reversing Entry, and Recurring Entry or use a Template. Single Entry is a standard, one-off Journal used to transfer values between nominal accounts.Continue reading “Journal Entry Types”