Drilldown reports add an extra dimension to reports by giving them an interactive element. By using the drilldown facility you are able to launch other reports or even a web page.

To make interaction even more streamlined you are able to pass variables between reports. For example you can specify criteria for one report based on the data selected in another. You could even get directions to a customer site by launching a webpage from the report.

I have attached a document that shows a couple of examples of the sort of drilldowns you can do, and how to set them up. I have used the Sales Ledger Aged Debtors (Summary) to show how you can drilldown into the detail of the figures for a particular customer, by launching the Sales Ledger Aged Debtors (Detailed). I have then used the Customer List to show how to set up a link to a webpage, which will give directions to a particular customer site.

Talking Sage 200 – Drilldown Reports