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In February the International Chamber of Commerce made changes to their International Commercial Terms (Incoterms). As far as Intrastat is concerned this relates to Delivery Terms.

The changes saw the introduction of two new terms:

  • DAT (Delivered at Terminal) to replace the term DEQ
  • DAP (Delivered at Place) to replace the terms DAF, DES and DDU.

The old terms will no longer be valid after 31st December 2011, and from January 2012 businesses must use the new DAT and DAP terms on all declarations.

Sage 200 2011 Service Pack 2, released in November, included the necessary changes for compatibility. Updates  are also available to make the following versions compatible, there for you must make sure your systems are updated as required:

  • Sage 200 2010 SP2
  • Sage 200 2009 SP3
  • Sage 200 5.1 SP2
  • MMS 3.5 SP8
  • MMS 2.3
  • Line 100 7.6 DOS

With the New Report Designer, that was introduced in 2010, documents can now be configured to be emailed.

Yes you could always attach a document to an email from the spooler, but this would attach the whole spool file which was basically useless when it came to sending invoices.

What is now possible in Sage 200 (2010 and up) is the ability to configure the document to be split and sent to relevent contacts. For example a batch of invoices being split up and the customer only receiving their own Invoice.

This is the type of standard functionality that people miss in Sage 200. In truth it is a fundmental part in this day and age. The linked document tells you how to set it up!

Talking Sage 200 – Email Documents

Service Pack 2 has now been released for Sage 200 2011. A full list of included fixes is available in the attached Sage document: – 

Sage 200 2011 Live Issues Fixed – Service Pack 2

Fixes of note include the following:

Core 200 – Nominal Journal Entry: Credit and Debit columns swap after changing company, Foreign Bank Revaluation: Not writing off negative base balances when currency balance is positve, Stocktake speed,

BOM – New Feature: BOM can update the weight stored on the built item stock record, Ability to set markup % to top BOM level.

MSM – Ability to import Manufacturing Stock Item extensions.

CRM – Upgrade Scripts have been amended, New Functionality for 7.1 SP2 onwards: Merge Person functionality.