I recently blogged about how Sage 200 is capable of distributing batches of documents via email. This has prompted the questions from a number of followers regarding the need for Spindle.

For some people the Sage 200 functionality will be enough, at least to start with. However, my personal opinion is that Spindle Professional is a must for any Sage 200 site. It offers so much more than the ability to email a batch of documents and anyone using Sage 200 would benefit from adding Spindle Professional to their system.

During implementations of Sage 200 I nearly always find a reason for talking about Spindle Professional and simply talking about what it does and how it can benefit the customer is often enough for them to purchase it.

The Benefits and Cost Savings that companies gain from using Spindle Professional with Sage 200 are massive.

Here are just 8 of the benefits:

Multiple Distribution methods in one click – Email, Fax or Print documents – You could have a batch of documents (invoices for example), and by printing the batch through Spindle each individual document will be sent out as required.

Send Multiple Copies to Multiple Destinations in One Click – For example, you may have a batch of invoices. You want to send each invoice to its customer as they require (Email, Fax or Print).  At the same time you may want to send a copy to the relevant Sales Rep and/or generate a copy for the accounts department. A Spindle Automation can be set up to do all of this in just one click.

You could even save a copy (Archive) to your Network/CRM/SharePoint at the same time.

Backdrops – Documents can look professional with the use of backdrops replacing pre-printed stationary.

Cost Savings – This really can be huge. Consider this: If you currently send 500 Invoices a month by post and begin to send 60 % of these via Email or fax, you could see savings of around £300 a month.

Now consider all of the other documents that you send out!!!  

Money will be saved on postage, paper, envelopes, pre-printed stationary, printer cartridges….. etc.

Calculate your potential savings yourself: http://www.draycir.com/en/calculator/SpindleProfessional/

Time – No more or at least reduced time sorting print outs, stuffing envelopes, franking everything etc.

Use data from Sage 200 – Subjects, attachments and Messages sent with the documents can include information from the Sage 200 database with the use of commands. This allows you to make messages more personal to each company, rather than having a generic message.

Easy to use – For most users all they will need to learn is to select a printer called Spindle, and consider that this can be defaulted on the Sage document templates!

Use with multiple systems – Send Microsoft Office documents for example a letter, or a Mail Merge.

So is Spindle Professional a benefit to Sage 200 users?………….YES!!!