Issue found with CRM Patch D for Sage 200 SP2

I recently posted that CRM Patch D for Sage 200 SP2 was released. Please now be aware that Sage have found an issue with this patch. It has been removed from their website whilst they investigate the problem. If you have already downloaded the Patch it is obviously recommended that you do NOT install it.Continue reading “Issue found with CRM Patch D for Sage 200 SP2”

Using Expression Snippets in Sage 200 Report Designer

Creating Snippets can be a real time saver for future report writing, as they reduce the need to re-enter expressions you have created before. This is particularly useful if you have created long, detailed or complicated expressions that may be required on other reports etc. that you might go on to write. When entering an expressionContinue reading “Using Expression Snippets in Sage 200 Report Designer”

How to add Expressions to Sage 200 Reports

The Expression function allows you to create a manual field by building a calculation, based on standard database variables (Fields). You would use an expression when you want to create a value that isn’t available within the database. For E.g you may want to subtract a Cost Price from a Sales Price.   The Sage 200Continue reading “How to add Expressions to Sage 200 Reports”

Sage 200 Year End Timeout Errors

I have received a number of queries recently relating to Time Out errors being experienced during the running of a year end. There have been a couple of known issues with regards to these errors which were actually fixed in Sage 200 2011 SP1. Below are details with regards to the issues now fixed in Sage 200 2011 SP1:Continue reading “Sage 200 Year End Timeout Errors”

How to enable Full (Advanced) Functionality in Sage 200 BI

When BI is installed it is set by default to only show basic functions. This means that you are limited to what you are able to achieve. To enable full functionality select ‘Personalise’ from the Sage BI Toolbar. Select Advanced functionality within the following screen N.B. The changes will only take effect when Excel isContinue reading “How to enable Full (Advanced) Functionality in Sage 200 BI”

Change the title of a BI Report

When creating a BI report it is automatically given a name/title, for example Report 1. The almost natural thing to do is to select the cell where the title is displayed and type over it. However if you do this it will make the report disappear. The reason for this is because the title is generated by anContinue reading “Change the title of a BI Report”

Sage 200 2011 SP2 Hotfix 3 – Sage200 BI Collation Error Fix

An issue was found with Sage 200 BI when Sage 200 2011 SP1 was released. The problem related to the SQL collation settings on either the Sage 200 Database or the SQL Server instance. A hotfix has now been released for Sage 200 2011 SP2 to fix this problem. It should be noted that theContinue reading “Sage 200 2011 SP2 Hotfix 3 – Sage200 BI Collation Error Fix”

CRM Patch D released for Sage 200

Sage 200 Service Pack 2 has now been updated to include support for CRM 7.1 Patch D. Before installing this update you must make sure that all patches have been installed for CRM 7.1, and that Sage 200 2011 Service Pack 2 has been installed. The following files then need to be installed: CRM7.1.d-Hotfix.1.exe on toContinue reading “CRM Patch D released for Sage 200”

Sage 200 2011 SP2 Hotfix for Works Order Processing (WOP)

For Manufacturing sites, please be aware of a hotfix release for Sage 200 2011 SP2. This hotfix brings Works Orders into line with Bill of Materials, for converting Stock unit quantities. Works Orders previously converted all quantities to stock units and then multiplied by the quantity required. Bill of Materials (Trial Kitting) multiplies the componentContinue reading “Sage 200 2011 SP2 Hotfix for Works Order Processing (WOP)”