I recently posted that CRM Patch D for Sage 200 SP2 was released.

Please now be aware that Sage have found an issue with this patch. It has been removed from their website whilst they investigate the problem. If you have already downloaded the Patch it is obviously recommended that you do NOT install it.

Details of the issue, from the Sage website, are as follows:

The update tool reads information in IIS to determine where the physical directory is for the Sage 200 web services. In some cases when an upgrade from Sage 200 2010 has been done there are two instances of Sage200WebServices, one in the default web site and the other in the Sage 200 App Services site. The upgrade tool reads some of this information from the IIS 6 compatibility layer, where the issue occurs we see that the IIS 6 compatibility data in the IIS metabase retains two entries for the Sage 200 web services one under the default web site and the other under the Sage 200 App Services web site. IIS 7.0 and above does not use this information for its sites and thus works correctly, however the upgrade process incorrectly identifies two Sage 200 web services applications.