Each BI report is limited to the the number of data rows displayed on the report, and the number of dimension members displayed within the Report Layout pane. To view additional rows on a report you have to use the Page arrows on the BI ribbon. To view further Dimension members you are able to select an option to display the next few.

The default is to display the first 100 rows and 100 Dimension members. The default settings can be changed so more, or less, rows and/or dimension members display.


Within a BI report, click on the in the bottom corner of the ‘File’ section on the BI ribbon.

The Report Layout Options window opens and there is a setting to ‘Limit rows to’, which by default is set to 100. The setting can then be set to the required number of rows and when saved this will force the report to display the equivalent number of data rows on the spreadsheet.

NB. There is also a ‘Limit Columns to’ option within the Column tab.

Dimension Members

Within a BI report Personalise from the Sage BI ribbon. The Personalise window will open where there is a setting for ‘Paging size’ in the Report Layout Panel Paging section. This will be set to 100 but can be changed as required. Once the setting is changed the number of dimension members shown in the Report Layout pane will be up to the entered value.