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Sage User Network, an independent user group for end users of Sage Line 100, Sage 200, MMS, Line 500 and Sage 1000, are including a Sage 200 element at their annual conference for the first time this year.

The event will be held on Tuesday 16 October. If you are interested in attending the event, or finding out more about Sage User Network and how it could benefit you follow the link below:

The Sage User Network are also offering FREE membership for Sage 200 users until the end of 2012.

There is a known issue with Sage 200 2011 SP3 in relation to the consolidation routine.

When the user attempts to consolidate their subsidiary company, they receive an error ‘system.outofmemory exception’

The issue number that this is logged under is 4545. Sage have released a hotfix, this should only be applied to sites with Sage 200 2011 SP3.

A known issue has been fixed for Sage 200 2011 SP3.

Some Manufacturing sites found that when recording a POP Invoice for One-Off Works Orders it causes an exception:

1. Create a One-Off Works Order with components that have unconfirmed costs.

2. Raise a POP order for the components and receive in full.

2. Allocate, issue and complete the Works Order.

3. Fully record the POP invoice.

System generates a “Divide By Zero” exception.

The known issue is 4627.  Sage has released a hotfix that must be applied to  Sage 200 2011 sp3 only.

Be aware of a known issue in Sage 200 2011 SP3 that affects Manufacturing WIP postings. It has be found that incorrect cost is posted to the WIP nominal account, when responding to “Cost of Sale” posting from POP if multiple POP Invoices are recorded:

1. Create a Works Order with components that have unconfirmed costs.

2. Raise a POP order for the components and receive in full on multiple GRNs.

3. Allocate, issue and complete the Works Order.

4. Part record the POP invoice.

5. Fully record rest of POP invoice.

Invalid nominal postings are made for the cost of sales on the 2nd GRN.

This known issue is logged as issue 4591, however a hotfix has been released and should be installed for Manufacturing sites running Sage 200 2011 SP3.

If a user tries to expand MRP tags, where the parent tag is for multiple recommendations, the system can become unresponsive and run out of memory.

From testing Sage have found that this is more apparent when there are large quantities of tagged demand, which have generated thousands of recommendations. Sage 200 does not attempt to cache any data fetched for a particular tag and so if it meets the same tag in the tree hierarchy elsewhere it will attempt to explode it again.

This is known issue 4618. A hotfix has now been released and should only be applied to Manufacturing sites that have Sage 200 2011 SP3.

I have had a couple of queries recently in relation to a Fixed Assets module for Sage 200.

Sage have not developed a specific module as part of the standard Sage 200 suite and this is due, in part, to there being various add ons available that are more than adequate for the purpose. Non more so prehaps than Sicon Fixed Assets.

Sicon Fixed Assets is an add on that works from within the standard menu and importantly it “Looks and Feels” like any of the other modules, with its own list view.

It integrates with the standard Financial modules as well as Project Accounting and even has Workspaces available.

It is a fairly simple module to start using, and with the ability to import assets from excel it makes it quite easy to set up.