A potential annoyance you may have experienced in Sage 200, is when you are directed to Log off Disconnected Logins via Accounting System Manager > System Utilities > User Login Status, only to find that it has not been checked regularly and there are loads to clear. You then realise that you have to select each one individually, select Log off etc…

Not any more!!!

It is possible to obtain an Add On from Sage, via the support team, that will enable a “Log Of All Disconnected Logins” button. This will do as it says on the tin.

If you are an end-user you will need to obtain via your Business Partner, it takes a minute to install.

If this Add-on is installed it is still very important that you run through and check the “Action Required” information pane as there may be instance that require the data needing validation using the Prove Balance routines.

Please note this does only relate to Sage 200 2011 but it is not Service Pack specific