A genious comparison of Technology and the Local pub.

Sage 200 could easily be the local pub itself, being the heart of a business like the local is the heart of a community.

Simon JenkinsonWritten by Simon Jenkinson, TSG’s Chief Architect, Research & Development

I’m sure we all have a local pub, the kind of place where you know the landlord by his first name, and who is always telling you a few dubious jokes with a cheeky grin.

You often see a few regular faces propping up the bar, reminiscing or just generally gossiping about the antics of their next door neighbour and his new girlfriend over a pint of abbot ale…pub landlord

I recently had a meal and a pint with my Dad at our local pub, and as is generally the case the conversation drifted on to technology which started to make me think. The local pub is an institution in the UK and something that brings people together, it promotes communication…which is exactly what technology does!

You have Facebook, with the local’s equivalent being the notice board showing pictures of…

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