Known Issue: 6226 – Nominal drilldown narrative in SL: ‘Intended for //’

When the first Sales order line of a Sales Order has a zero value and no Nominal analysis but further order lines do have Nominal analysis, the  nominal drill down within the SL Transaction enquiry shows the Narrative ‘Intended For -//’ Create a Sales Order with a Free text line with a zero value and no nominal analysis. Add aContinue reading “Known Issue: 6226 – Nominal drilldown narrative in SL: ‘Intended for //’”

Communication Error when logging into Sage 200

When logging in to Sage 200 the following error will occur due to certain Authentication settings being configured incorrectly. The error will only be on the clients machines. Logging in to Sage 200 on the server will not cause this error. IIS Windows authentication settings Within IIS, expand Sites > select Sage 200 App Services >Continue reading “Communication Error when logging into Sage 200”

Sage 200 Add ons – Eureka Solutions

I have recently started looking into and working with a number of the great Sage 200 add-ons available from Eureka Solutions. Eureka Solutions have created a large portfolio of add-on’s which make Sage 200 even better than it is. What can often happen during a Sage 200 implementation is the need to fulfil a GAPContinue reading “Sage 200 Add ons – Eureka Solutions”