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There is a Known issue (5924) which is fixed in Service Pack 1 for Sage 200 2013 R2 where the details of held journals, which were created from Journal Templates, are lost if more than one journal has been held.

NB. there was a hotfix for this originally but this is now rolled up into SP1.

In the core Project Accounting module it is possible to create project Statuses and specify whether costs can be entered for a status.

When entering Timesheets in the standard system you are not able to select a project with a status that does not allow costs (as you would expect). However if entering timesheets via WTE, you are able to select a project even if it has a status that does not allow costs.

This was reported in 2011 SP5 originally, and is still not fixed within 2015.

Below is a list provided by Sage of the fixes included within Sage 200 2015.

System Administrator
5997 & 5998 We have improved the speed of the company database upgrade process.
This affects any database that:

  • uses Analysis codes
  • has large numbers of SOP, POP or Stock records, or
  • has large numbers of BOMs or BOM Lines.
6054 Users were unable to create the MMSUser account on Windows 2012 Essentials when it was integrated with Office 365.
Previously the user would see the error message:‘Cannot add login name_mmsuser to server password validation failed, the password does not meet the requirement of the password filter dll’.
Core 200
Nominal Ledger 1392 Tax type and tax code fields were not displayed on nominal journal templates.Previously, a user would have to set up the template and then enter these details once the template had been recalled prior to processing.
Stock Control 5093 Under certain circumstances, Amend Stock Item Product Group stopped working if outstanding works orders existed.
In some cases, an ‘out of memory’ error appeared.
5424 Removing large amounts of stock history records caused on ‘out of memory’ error.
Project Accounting 5476 Users saw the error message; ‘Failed to run SQL script SchemaMigration’ when accessing Project Accounting settings, using the View Project Accounting Settings screen or when saving a project.
5945 Bills were not generated as part of the Suggested Billing functionality. This issue affected some project item types of ‘stock item’, depending on how the item was set to allow costs and revenue.
Period End 5532 Users saw an exception error when trying to drill-down on a value on the Current Periods Totals screen within the VAT Analysis option.
This occurred for users who had previously migrated data from Sage 50 Accounts.
Purchase Order Processing 5541 In some circumstances, a unique reference number (URN) was used if a free text line was analysed to a project. This resulted in a URN that had no postings in the Nominal Ledger.
6053 Saving a record with a long description on the Confirm Goods Received screen generated a ‘Sage Data Access Error – Cannot set the value of the field’ error.
Sales Order Processing 6066 Users trying to print a quotation for quotations that had been entered via the CRM Form Launcher would see an error message ‘Value does not fall within the expected range’.
6239 Customers, using traceability, received an ‘Out of Memory’ error when processing large amounts of stock after the stock levels had been adjusted.
Sales Ledger 5666 Users saw Out of Memory errors or No Network Connection errors when performing consecutive transaction enquiries.
Nominal Ledger 5924 The details of a held journal were lost when creating another held journal from a template.
Bill of Materials 5767 Overtyping the stock code on Record Built Items could move a quantity into stock for an incorrect item.
5780 Users sometimes received an exception error in the following scenario:
Creating a purchase order within Trial Kitting when the supplier had exceeded their credit limit.
5904 The Reverse (BOM) Build process took a specific quantity of a finished item out of stock and added the stock back in to the components.
Works Order Processing 4551 Traceable Enquiry functionality did not work after changing the product group on a stock item.
6122 Cost of sales postings were incorrect when components were issued to a works order which was completed before the components were invoiced.
6188 Traceable components were not discarded correctly if the build was cancelled on the Confirm batch/Serial Numbers for Components form.
Estimating 5393 Components held against operations were not converted when estimates were converted to a BOM.
Bill of Materials 6086 Cancelling a BOM build for batch/serial items did not allow any changes to the build, unless the screen was closed and reopened.
6096 The Build Session created a reserved temporary batch/serial number in BOM and an error message appeared, preventing the user from entering a value in the Quantity field.
6172 Cost of sales adjustment postings were sometimes posted to the wrong nominal ledger account when building through sub-assemblies.
Process Maps 5564 Enquiry buttons within process maps were not working.
Workspaces 5601 An exception error occurred if the user opened multiple workspaces. We have reduced the amount of system memory required to open multiple workspaces.
Excel Integration 6004 Refreshing data within Excel Integration was not good. We have made performance improvements in this area.

Its been billed as the most important update in years and I have to say, I do not think users will be disappointed. Here are some details of the new features within Sage 200 2015 which was officially released at the end of February.

Look and Feel
Whilst the basis is familiar to current Sage 200 users, the screens and menus have changed in appearance giving a more modern design. Many of the changes are designed to make it easier for users to navigate Sage 200 and find/access what they want.

Look 1


List View

List View

Look 3

Redesigned Process Maps

The 2015 design is much more intuitive.  A really nice feature is the frequently accessed page where the system remembers the functions you have used the most, so there is a quick way of getting back to them. What’s even more impressive is it remembers by day. So if you access something on a Friday, the next Friday it will be in your recently accessed.

Frequently used

Frequently used

It is now possible to use a search function on the menu allowing you to search for a menu item and the menu is filtered by items containing the word searched.

Menu Search

Menu Search

Custom colour settings can be applied and you are able to make each dataset/company you work in a different colour to make it more obvious which one you are working in.

Homepage and Favourites still exist whilst being more easily managed. Favourites can be added with one click, and can be arranged in folders, easily renamed and re-ordered.

Fixed Assets
After years without one  a simple Fixed Asset register is now included within the Financials modules for Sage 200. This is a welcomed introduction allowing you to set up, depreciate, dispose and delete assets.

Excel Reporting
Excel Reporting gives you more choice over how you can produce the reports you want. The important thing to note here, and I am not sure how I feel about it, is that some Excel reports are provided free while others are available if you subscribe to Excel Reporting. You are able to preview reports within the program to see what you would get in subscription packages.

Excel reports

Excel reports

Excel Reporting 2

Summery Screens
New Graphical Workspaces give a great visual representation of certain KPI’s. The Graphs also allow a drill down function to gain more specific answers.

Summaries 1 Summaries 2

Summaries 3

Other Improvements/changes

  • The Logon speed has significantly increased and you will struggle to find time to make a coffee before it has opened. Joking aside this is a major improvement.
  • There is a completely new ‘list view’ that does away with the older-style list views of the previous Sage 200 versions. These new list views include improved searching and filtering methods, and mixes the function of workspaces with the easier to read layout of the old list view.
    • List views can be opened up in a separate form/window. With a scroll bar!
    • Totals have been added to quickly show the cumulative values of selected records.
  • Workspaces also run more quickly, and also make better use of screen space.
  • Enquiry Screens have returned (I know they could be added to the menu manually in 2013) so the normal forms can be accessed of the menus as per 2011.
  • Project Accounting now includes the much requested Work in Progress (WIP) function which accrues for part-delivered project work. This is automatically posted to and reversed from the balance sheet as projects complete. This means costs can be posted to the same period as revenue to ensure true project profitability is shown in financial reports.
  • Increased narrative length
  • Ability to edit manual nominal journals so that you can amend references or narrative.
  • Functionality to properly account for the VAT legislation changes for early settlement discount. If you deal with a lot of settlement discounts you must upgrade for this alone.
  • Support for SQL 2014 is now included.
  • Ideas Hub this gives an easier route to offering Sage ideas of what changes you would like to see. It also gives you the opportunity to join a Sage 200 community, and hopefully this will offer an increased source of information and communication for users of Sage 200 (hopefully not turning people away from Talking Sage 200!!!!).

I am nothing but positive about Sage 200 2015. A number of the key issues have been rectified and it is definitely the most updated and improved release since the move to a SQL database.

I have come across a couple of issues relating to Emailing documents from Sage 200.

At one of my sites recently users were using had a mixture of Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013. I had configured all layouts for email set up to use MAPI as the Mail provider.

The first issue this brought up was for every email Sage tried to send, an Outlook security warning would pop up.

Outlook security message

Outlook security message

This is not so bad for users if one or two emails are being sent, but imagine how this is for a batch of 100+ statements!

This issue is actually caused by a Microsoft Outlook update that is designed to prevent security breaches and is not a Sage problem. The update effectively removes the ‘Send e-mails automatically’ feature from within Format > E-mail and this can’t easily be corrected. For further information, refer to Microsoft article 262634 at

NB. In Outlook 2000 and 2003 the security update is installed separately, however it is built into Outlook 2007 and above. For Outlook 2013, there are Programmatic Access security settings which are generally controlled at a Group level. These should be enabled.

In Sage 200 2013 and above, this issue doesn’t occur if the report or layout has the Mail Provider set to Outlook instead of MAPI.

Having changed the Mail provider to Outlook on the layouts at my site, this identified another issue but this time for users of Outlook 2013. With the Mail Provider set as Outlook, when attempting to Email a document, a message appeared to advise that the Sage200Desktop.exe has stopped working.


Sage200Desktop.exe has stopped working error

The Problem Details section gives more information (???????):

Problem signature:

Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

Application Name: Sage200Desktop.exe

Application Version: 17.300.14086.3

Application Timestamp: 5334325b

Fault Module Name: StackHash_17c0

Fault Module Version: 6.3.9600.17630

Fault Module Timestamp: 54b0d74f

Exception Code: c0000374

Exception Offset: PCH_0F_FROM_ntdll+0x0003CC2C OS


Locale ID:2057

Additional Information 1: 17c0

Additional Information 2: 17c083e57d5c8adee4818c4ba7d6ebbb

Additional Information 3: 643b

Additional Information 4: 643b2a225326ecea5e5cb96f62ab3b6e

Troubleshooting detected that although this issue occurs for Outlook 2013, it only occurs when using Windows 8/8.1 or Server 2012/2012R2. Windows 7 machines were fine.

This is a known issue with the Sage report designer (so impacts Sage 50 and payroll also). The problem I had for my site was the resolution is to switch the layout Mail Provider to MAPI……..!

NB. The Sage200Desktop.exe has stopped working error can also occur when the Mail Provider is MAPI and Outlook is closed when attempting to Email the document.

My options for this site were:

Solution 1
Upgrade all users to Outlook 2013 and set all layouts to use MAPI.

Solution 2
Keep layouts as MAPI but for Outlook 2010 users download ‘Click Yes’

Solution 3
Sell the customer Spindle Professional