Sage 200c – Hide Customer and Supplier Accounts

In line with the theme for much of Sage 200c new features, a long-requested feature by users was a way of “Inactivating” a customer (or supplier) account. Generally, this is because the customer / supplier is no longer traded with, but the account history makes it difficult to archive and purge transactions to get to a position where the account can be deleted (without effecting other account history)

The Amend Account Status screen (Sales Ledger > Sales Accounts > Amend Account Status) has two new fields, so not only allows you to place an account ‘On Hold’ but also to change its Active status to Hidden, and specify a reason.

Accounts Status

The ‘On Hold’ functionality is the same as in previous versions, so you can tick the box to suspend an account and stop new transactions from being entered for it.

The active status is designed for an account which you do not want to use on a more permanent basis. For example, if an account is no longer trading. By selecting ‘Hidden’ this removes the account from the Customer/Supplier list accordingly and prevents the account from being selected for transactions in error.

NB. You can hide an account at any time, even if it still has a balance so care should be taken before deciding about if to hide it.

If a user hides an account in error, you can still choose the account from the ‘Account Status’ screen and set its Active status back to ‘Active’.

How to view ‘Hidden’ accounts

  • Customer (or Supplier) Account Enquiry – Hidden accounts are included on the look up list for this screen. So, you can view the account details of any hidden account.
  • Accounts Not Activereport – New reports have been added to the Sales and Purchase Ledger (Reports > Account Analysis) so you can print a list of hidden accounts.
  • List of Accountsand Account Details reports (Reports > Account Analysis) – You can choose whether to include hidden accounts on these reports.

Viewing ‘Reasons’ for hidden accounts

A new report called Accounts Not Active has been created and can be found in the Reports > Account Analysis area for the Purchase and Sales Ledgers. These reports display the ‘Reasons’ field from the Account Status screens.

New transactions on hidden accounts

Transactions that can be accessed without selecting a customer account can still be processed against hidden accounts. That is:

  • If the account has outstanding invoices or sales orders, these can still be selected and processed from the Invoicing and Sales order lists.
  • Direct debits / standing orders can still be processed.

You should check these transactions as part of your process to make an account ‘Hidden’.










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