Export and UPDATE Customer, Supplier, Stock Item and Nominal Account records

Back in Spring 2019, functionality was introduced to allow you to export and update information for Customer, Supplier, Stock Item and Nominal Account records This makes things so much easier if you need to make a lot of changes to existing information. It’s also something that end users can do. When using one of theContinue reading “Export and UPDATE Customer, Supplier, Stock Item and Nominal Account records”

Sage 200 Support During Coronavirus

Whilst I do not get to post or respond to comments as much as I once did, we are in unprecedented times. Therefore, if you have any Sage 200 issues / queries or problems over the next few weeks please feel free to contact me. I am going to make a more conscious effort toContinue reading “Sage 200 Support During Coronavirus”

Missing Currency Description

In a recent data migration from Sage Line 100 to Sage 200 2010 I experienced the following issue with a bank transaction. As per the migration checklist I did a ‘Prove Balances’ of the Bank accounts in Line 100 and there were no problems. After the migration I then did a ‘Prove Balances’ in SageContinue reading “Missing Currency Description”

Stock items import bug!

When importing stock items recently I experianced a bug, that is a known issue by Sage. I did a validate and import and no invalid entries were identified. However when I did the Import I received the following error message:  Stock Import Error                          Continue reading “Stock items import bug!”