Sage 200 Support During Coronavirus

Whilst I do not get to post or respond to comments as much as I once did, we are in unprecedented times. Therefore, if you have any Sage 200 issues / queries or problems over the next few weeks please feel free to contact me. I am going to make a more conscious effort toContinue reading “Sage 200 Support During Coronavirus”

Sage 200 2016 SP2

Sage 200 2016 SP2 has been out for a while now. One key issue that impacted users in Sage 200 2016 were the restrictions on Accounts which were placed ‘On Hold’. There is an issue with entering Memo’s and also it is not possible to allocate transactions. SP2 fixed the Memo issue. It didn’t fixContinue reading “Sage 200 2016 SP2”

Sage 200 Extra 2015 – SERVICE PACK 3 Released

Service pack 3 has now been released for Sage 200 Extra 2015. There are a number fixes included as detailed in Sage 200 Extra 2015 SP3 Issues Fixed . Sage 200 Manufacturing Stock Projection Details Some changes have been made to improve compatibility with Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012, these changes also make a consistent lookContinue reading “Sage 200 Extra 2015 – SERVICE PACK 3 Released”

Sage 200 Extra ONLINE – Important Info.

Sage have advised Business Partners that Microsoft have announced that as of 9th December 2015, they’ll be removing some of their earlier versions of their REST API, some of which Sage are using to access storage accounts (i.e. blob storage). Sage have updated Sage 200 2015 to use the latest version and have also included theContinue reading “Sage 200 Extra ONLINE – Important Info.”

Sage 200 Extra 2015 – SERVICE PACK 2 Released

Yesterday finally saw the release of the much-anticipated Service Pack 2 for Sage 200 Extra 2015. One of the key items as part of this is the support of Windows 10 operating system. There are lots of fixes and some additions as detailed in this document released with the update – Reports There are some NewContinue reading “Sage 200 Extra 2015 – SERVICE PACK 2 Released”

Sage 200 and Windows 10

Short, important post! Microsoft have now released Windows 10. Please be aware that this is NOT supported for any current versions of the Sage 200 suite. All being well Service Pack 2 for Sage 200 Extra 2015 will include Windows 10 compatibility. This is currently scheduled for 30th September 2015.  

Core components fail to install when accessing Sage 200 2015 System Administrator

I have hit this issue on my last couple of installations where the Core components fail to install when accessing Sage 200 2015 System Administrator. Sage have identified this as being an issue which relates to virtual environments (which both of my examples were). When you access System Administration for the first time after install, various messagesContinue reading “Core components fail to install when accessing Sage 200 2015 System Administrator”

XML Document error accessing System Administration after upgrade

After upgrading a Sage 200 site to Sage 200 2015, an error message may be displayed when accessing System Administration for the first time. The message advises of an error in XML document (9, 3).   This is caused by not removing any Add-Ons before commencing the upgrade to Sage 200 2015. Previously, the Add-OnsContinue reading “XML Document error accessing System Administration after upgrade”

Sage 200 2015 – SERVICE PACK 1 Released

Sage 200 2015 Service Pack 1 is now available. Business Partners should note the different method of installation on Clients. This service pack contains two files: Sage200v2015SP1ClientPrerequisites.exe Sage200v2015SP1.msp On a client PC both files must be run, in that order, to ensure the service pack installs correctly. Sage200v2015SP1ClientPrerequisites.exe checks the client files and ensures thatContinue reading “Sage 200 2015 – SERVICE PACK 1 Released”

Sage 200 2015 – The best version ever!

Its been billed as the most important update in years and I have to say, I do not think users will be disappointed. Here are some details of the new features within Sage 200 2015 which was officially released at the end of February. Look and Feel Whilst the basis is familiar to current Sage 200 users, the screens andContinue reading “Sage 200 2015 – The best version ever!”