Sage 200 Manufacturing to be retired – Big News!

Some may have noticed this post pop up last year! But this week Sage have now formally announced the retirement of the Sage 200 Manufacturing module. Sage announced last year a new partnership with Sicon and will now be providing the Sicon Manufacturing suite as their solution of choice for the UK Manufacturing market. ThisContinue reading “Sage 200 Manufacturing to be retired – Big News!”

Sage 200cloud / Sage 200c Spring Enhancement 2018 Release

This week saw the release of the Spring Enhancements edition for Sage 200. Sage 200c has now become Sage 200cloud. Previously the C stood for connected but for whatever reason Sage 200cloud is now the name (until the next name change!). This is still an “On Premise” / Locally installed solution. Anyway, down to realContinue reading “Sage 200cloud / Sage 200c Spring Enhancement 2018 Release”

Sage 200c – Sales Order Statuses

Sage 200 has often lacked in its detail of Sales Order status, previously only offering ‘Live’, ‘On Hold’ or ‘Completed’. The status of ‘Live’ never gave enough detail for a user to easily identify where the order was within the Sales Order Process (was it Entered, Allocated, Despatched, Invoiced etc.) or what else was requiredContinue reading “Sage 200c – Sales Order Statuses”

Sage 200 Extra 2016 – What’s New

Sage 200 Extra and Sage 200 Extra Online 2016 have now been released. If you are considering updating or want further information send your details to Whilst it is not, perhaps, as drastic an update as the 2015 version, which had a whole change to the UI amongst other features. The 2016 version has some game changingContinue reading “Sage 200 Extra 2016 – What’s New”

Sage 200 Extra 2015 – SERVICE PACK 2 Released

Yesterday finally saw the release of the much-anticipated Service Pack 2 for Sage 200 Extra 2015. One of the key items as part of this is the support of Windows 10 operating system. There are lots of fixes and some additions as detailed in this document released with the update – Reports There are some NewContinue reading “Sage 200 Extra 2015 – SERVICE PACK 2 Released”

Known Issue: 6226 – Nominal drilldown narrative in SL: ‘Intended for //’

When the first Sales order line of a Sales Order has a zero value and no Nominal analysis but further order lines do have Nominal analysis, the  nominal drill down within the SL Transaction enquiry shows the Narrative ‘Intended For -//’ Create a Sales Order with a Free text line with a zero value and no nominal analysis. Add aContinue reading “Known Issue: 6226 – Nominal drilldown narrative in SL: ‘Intended for //’”

Sage 200 – the question of “Stock Reconciliation”

A question that often makes us shiver is when a Sage 200 user poses the question “How do I make my Stock Control reconcile to my Nominal Ledger?” Now, its not often helped by it being the first time in Months, Years or maybe ever, that they have tried to reconcile. However, it is anContinue reading “Sage 200 – the question of “Stock Reconciliation””

Sage 200 2013 (Its just around the corner!)

Although Sage have not ‘officially’ announced a release date for Sage 200 2013, it is expected to be available by the beginning of June. There will be 3 types of licensing available including the Cloud offering (Sage 200 Online): Sage 200 2013 (On premise perpetual) Sage 200 2013 (On premise subscription) Sage 200 Online IContinue reading “Sage 200 2013 (Its just around the corner!)”

Amend Exchange Rates for SOP Invoices

By default invoices generated in SOP will post to the ledgers with the exchange rate entered against the Sales Order. This can be inaccurate, particularly if there is a long period of time between entering the Sales Order and producing the Sales Invoice. I have come accross a few of sites where they have not known itContinue reading “Amend Exchange Rates for SOP Invoices”