Sage 200 Support During Coronavirus

Whilst I do not get to post or respond to comments as much as I once did, we are in unprecedented times. Therefore, if you have any Sage 200 issues / queries or problems over the next few weeks please feel free to contact me. I am going to make a more conscious effort toContinue reading “Sage 200 Support During Coronavirus”

Sage 200 Manufacturing to be retired – Big News!

Some may have noticed this post pop up last year! But this week Sage have now formally announced the retirement of the Sage 200 Manufacturing module. Sage announced last year a new partnership with Sicon and will now be providing the Sicon Manufacturing suite as their solution of choice for the UK Manufacturing market. ThisContinue reading “Sage 200 Manufacturing to be retired – Big News!”

Sage 200 SP3 HOTFIX – Manufacturing/Estimating

An issue has been found within the Estimating module for Sage 200 2011 SP3. The issue occurs when a user amends an estimate by adding a new stage or amending an existing stage on the estimate. If this is done, some stages will then have duplications of Stock items that were already added. A hotfix has nowContinue reading “Sage 200 SP3 HOTFIX – Manufacturing/Estimating”

Sage 200 2011 SP3 Hotfix – POP Invoice for One-Off Works Orders

A known issue has been fixed for Sage 200 2011 SP3. Some Manufacturing sites found that when recording a POP Invoice for One-Off Works Orders it causes an exception: 1. Create a One-Off Works Order with components that have unconfirmed costs. 2. Raise a POP order for the components and receive in full. 2. Allocate, issueContinue reading “Sage 200 2011 SP3 Hotfix – POP Invoice for One-Off Works Orders”

Sage 200 2011 SP3 Hotfix – Manufacturing WIP

Be aware of a known issue in Sage 200 2011 SP3 that affects Manufacturing WIP postings. It has be found that incorrect cost is posted to the WIP nominal account, when responding to “Cost of Sale” posting from POP if multiple POP Invoices are recorded: 1. Create a Works Order with components that have unconfirmed costs. 2. Raise aContinue reading “Sage 200 2011 SP3 Hotfix – Manufacturing WIP”

Sage 200 2011 SP3 Hotfix – Manufacturing

If a user tries to expand MRP tags, where the parent tag is for multiple recommendations, the system can become unresponsive and run out of memory. From testing Sage have found that this is more apparent when there are large quantities of tagged demand, which have generated thousands of recommendations. Sage 200 does not attemptContinue reading “Sage 200 2011 SP3 Hotfix – Manufacturing”

Sage 200 Service Pack 2 Manufacturing Hotfix

Sage have found and fixed an issue with Sage 200 Manufacturing, when substituting a traceable component within Works Order Processing (WOP). The issue is described by Sage as follows: If you use the “Substitute Traceable Component” feature to amend an already complete Works Order, either to add extra components or to remove components, the issueContinue reading “Sage 200 Service Pack 2 Manufacturing Hotfix”

Sage 200 2011 SP2 Hotfix for Works Order Processing (WOP)

For Manufacturing sites, please be aware of a hotfix release for Sage 200 2011 SP2. This hotfix brings Works Orders into line with Bill of Materials, for converting Stock unit quantities. Works Orders previously converted all quantities to stock units and then multiplied by the quantity required. Bill of Materials (Trial Kitting) multiplies the componentContinue reading “Sage 200 2011 SP2 Hotfix for Works Order Processing (WOP)”

2011 BOM/Manufacturing New Features

I have finally managed to look through the 2011 new features for BOM/Manufacturing. The 2010 release saw some functionality lost that allowed users to update Operation details on mass. This was due to the changes made to the new BOM module. With all due respect this was an error, and in some cases became anContinue reading “2011 BOM/Manufacturing New Features”