Smith Cooper System Partners TV

Checkout the Smith Cooper System Partners YouTube channel (starring me!). Content is building up so please visit and subscribe. Below I take you through viewing and unreconciling bank accounts. I have also done a video about Credit control options for Sage 200cloud. We have also got some great videos from our 3rd party providers Sicon,Continue reading “Smith Cooper System Partners TV”

Let’s get Talking Sage 200 again!

It’s been a while! Lots to start posting about. We have had Sage 200c and there are lots of updates for add ons with changes to Credit Hound, the new Spindle Self Service Portal, Sicon Barcoding and Warehousing to name a few. It’s busy, busy, busy at Smith Cooper System Partners but I am goingContinue reading “Let’s get Talking Sage 200 again!”

XML Document error accessing System Administration after upgrade

After upgrading a Sage 200 site to Sage 200 2015, an error message may be displayed when accessing System Administration for the first time. The message advises of an error in XML document (9, 3).   This is caused by not removing any Add-Ons before commencing the upgrade to Sage 200 2015. Previously, the Add-OnsContinue reading “XML Document error accessing System Administration after upgrade”

Sage 200 Add ons – Eureka Solutions

I have recently started looking into and working with a number of the great Sage 200 add-ons available from Eureka Solutions. Eureka Solutions have created a large portfolio of add-on’s which make Sage 200 even better than it is. What can often happen during a Sage 200 implementation is the need to fulfil a GAPContinue reading “Sage 200 Add ons – Eureka Solutions”

Credit Control with Sage 200

The most important part of any business is getting paid. It’s important for any business to make sales, however this is all a waste of time if it does not then collect payment. Having good Credit Control functionality that allows you to collect more debts, more quickly, will vastly improve cashflow. Sage 200 has itsContinue reading “Credit Control with Sage 200”

Sage 200 Fixed Assets module

I have had a couple of queries recently in relation to a Fixed Assets module for Sage 200. Sage have not developed a specific module as part of the standard Sage 200 suite and this is due, in part, to there being various add ons available that are more than adequate for the purpose. NonContinue reading “Sage 200 Fixed Assets module”

Use Sage 200 to Beat the Postal Price Rise

With the price of stamps increasing today (First Class from 46P to 60p, and Second Class from 36p to 50p) it is as good a time as ever to think about how you are distributing documents to your customers, suppliers and may be even between colleagues who are at different sites. Sage 200 has the facility toContinue reading “Use Sage 200 to Beat the Postal Price Rise”

The benefits of using Spindle Professional with Sage 200

I recently blogged about how Sage 200 is capable of distributing batches of documents via email. This has prompted the questions from a number of followers regarding the need for Spindle. For some people the Sage 200 functionality will be enough, at least to start with. However, my personal opinion is that Spindle Professional isContinue reading “The benefits of using Spindle Professional with Sage 200”