Let’s get Talking Sage 200 again!

It’s been a while! Lots to start posting about. We have had Sage 200c and there are lots of updates for add ons with changes to Credit Hound, the new Spindle Self Service Portal, Sicon Barcoding and Warehousing to name a few. It’s busy, busy, busy at Smith Cooper System Partners but I am goingContinue reading “Let’s get Talking Sage 200 again!”

Sage 200 Extra ONLINE – Important Info.

Sage have advised Business Partners that Microsoft have announced that as of 9th December 2015, they’ll be removing some of their earlier versions of their REST API, some of which Sage are using to access storage accounts (i.e. blob storage). Sage have updated Sage 200 2015 to use the latest version and have also included theContinue reading “Sage 200 Extra ONLINE – Important Info.”

Sage 200 Extra 2015 – SERVICE PACK 2 Released

Yesterday finally saw the release of the much-anticipated Service Pack 2 for Sage 200 Extra 2015. One of the key items as part of this is the support of Windows 10 operating system. There are lots of fixes and some additions as detailed in this document released with the update – Reports There are some NewContinue reading “Sage 200 Extra 2015 – SERVICE PACK 2 Released”

Sage 200 and Windows 10

Short, important post! Microsoft have now released Windows 10. Please be aware that this is NOT supported for any current versions of the Sage 200 suite. All being well Service Pack 2 for Sage 200 Extra 2015 will include Windows 10 compatibility. This is currently scheduled for 30th September 2015.  

XML Document error accessing System Administration after upgrade

After upgrading a Sage 200 site to Sage 200 2015, an error message may be displayed when accessing System Administration for the first time. The message advises of an error in XML document (9, 3).   This is caused by not removing any Add-Ons before commencing the upgrade to Sage 200 2015. Previously, the Add-OnsContinue reading “XML Document error accessing System Administration after upgrade”

Sage 200 2015 – SERVICE PACK 1 Released

Sage 200 2015 Service Pack 1 is now available. Business Partners should note the different method of installation on Clients. This service pack contains two files: Sage200v2015SP1ClientPrerequisites.exe Sage200v2015SP1.msp On a client PC both files must be run, in that order, to ensure the service pack installs correctly. Sage200v2015SP1ClientPrerequisites.exe checks the client files and ensures thatContinue reading “Sage 200 2015 – SERVICE PACK 1 Released”

Service Packs released for 2011and 2013

Following on from my Early Settlement Discount post, Sage have now released the Service Packs for Sage 200 2011 and 2013 (NOT 2013 R2). As suggested previously these only serve to be a temporary solution to the legislation change for Early Settlement Discounts and will still require you to process manual transactions in order to correct yourContinue reading “Service Packs released for 2011and 2013”

Communication Error when logging into Sage 200

When logging in to Sage 200 the following error will occur due to certain Authentication settings being configured incorrectly. The error will only be on the clients machines. Logging in to Sage 200 on the server will not cause this error. IIS Windows authentication settings Within IIS, expand Sites > select Sage 200 App Services >Continue reading “Communication Error when logging into Sage 200”

Sage 200 2013 Insatllation – A share NOT called Sage!

In a recent installation of Sage 200 2013 (RELEASE VERSION) I found that the server already had a shared directory called ‘Sage’. This was being used for Line 100 data purposes. In an attempt to avoid issues with Line 100 (which is their current Live system) and current ODBC reports, I decided the best approach was toContinue reading “Sage 200 2013 Insatllation – A share NOT called Sage!”

Sage 200 2013 – ‘Login failed for user ‘.’ Please run System Administration to check company settings.’ error

‘Login failed for user ‘.’ Please run System Administration to check company settings.’ error Check the following points: Ensure the Windows user has been linked to the relevant Sage user in System Administration. The Windows user, e.g. ‘JohnBull’, has been included as a user in the ‘Sage Users’ group which is set up as partContinue reading “Sage 200 2013 – ‘Login failed for user ‘.’ Please run System Administration to check company settings.’ error”