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As part of the Sage 200c release last summer, Sage announced their intention to release more regular feature updates, rather than Annual releases followed by multiple service packs.

Following up the successful summer release, which saw the much requested features such as an Invoicing Module and Hiding Customer/Supplier accounts, this week saw the release of the Sage 200c Winter 2017 Enhancement.

This release introduces the meaning of ‘c’ in Sage 200c and that is Connected (not cloud!!!)

There are further enhancements to the Sage Bank Feeds function, with the introduction of ‘Rules’. So if there are common transactions which are not picked up until the point of bank reconciliation you can set rules so the Bank feeds will post these automatically, instead of you having to manually identify and enter them.

There are further improvements to Office 365 integration, with Sage contact. This is in the form of an App/plugin for Office 365 which allows users to view key account information from within Outlook. This includes Balance, Credit Limit, recent transactions, memo’s. My personal opinion is “the jury’s out” on this one. It sounds great, but in reality I am not sure how much it will be used. Possibly the key is how much further Sage take it for future phases of development.

Document storage functionality has been introduced to effectively allow the automated archive of a document, as a .PDF, to a specified location at the point of it being Printed or Emailed. The storage location can be a designated place on the server or, further connecting to Office 365, One Drive. The negative for this is that Sage haven’t made it available to ALL layout types. In particular, it isn’t available for Remittance Advices (which I would have hoped for as there is no re-print option for these).

Budget functionality has seen more enhancements, following on from the summer release. You are now able to specify an Original budget and a Revised budget.

Checks are available within POP Authorisation to ensure the budget is not breached without permission. Validation reports are available if an authoriser decides not to authorise (although the standard ones will need some tweaking to add more detail such as the Item details).

There are a number of fixes as part of this release, these are detailed on the Sage website, follow the link below.

Sage 200c – Fixed Issues



I realised that my posts and responses to comments have slowed dramatically over the last few months or so.

This is due in part to a new job role keeping me busy (which isn’t a complaint) and also a touch of writers block.

I hope to be inspired over the next few weeks by the imminent release of Sage 200 2013.

We have been waiting in anticipation for the release of Sage 200 2013 for what seems like an age now and we are not far way.

2013 will be the first Sage 200 release for two years and there will be lots of things to get our heads around with the new features and differing deployment options such as cloud-based subscription.

Some features you should look out for are :-

Two choices of deployment – on premise or in the cloud

Fully integrated Cashflow facility and Reporting (I cheered too!)

New ‘web’ user allowing access to key information from any device

All new web workspaces for all modules allowing dashboard views inside and outside the system!

Integration with the latest Microsoft developments such as Office 365, Server 2012, and the cloud solution will run on Microsoft’s Azure platform.