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I came across an interesting issue recently where a user was printing out a Pro Forma Invoice, but the details section was blank. This was happening even though the information showed on both the Pro Forma entry screens and the Preview of the Pro Forma Invoice print.

Having looked into various scenarios, such as the obvious Sage support checks (Standard layout, demo data, Different user etc.), I managed to find the problem related to how certain users were entering line details. The problem only occurred on Free Text Lines, however the users were Copying details from an Excel spreadsheet and Pasting them into the Line details.

There is obviously some sort of conflict with the formatting of Excel data which is preventing it from physically being printed out.

This problem will occur in all types of Order/Return Line entry, including amending the Item Line Description for a Standard Item Line. Therefore do NOT copy and paste from Excel

Establishing Landed Costs for Stock Items can be difficult. All companies that import or export need to know what the total cost of an item is.

Calculating Landed Cost is critical in understanding what a stock item costs and so what price it can be sold for.

In order to calculate the Landed Cost, all factors beyond the original price should be considered (shipping costs, custom duties, taxes, insurance, crate costs, handling fees etc.).

The Sage 200 Landed Costs option makes it possible to calculate the costs incurred in shipping costs, duties, etc.  separately from the cost of the stock item it isself.

The Landed Cost values can also be posted to a specific Landed Cost Nominal account.

The Landed costs are added to the cost price of the stock item in order to represent the full cost of purchasing the item in your stock valuation.

Landed Costs are entered during Purchase Order entry. This can be either a percentage or a value. They affect the Stock Control when the purchase order is processed. The Nominal Ledger is affected when the Purchase Order Line has a Purchase Invoice raised against it.

The folloing document explains how to set up and use Landed Costs in Sage 200:

Talking Sage 200 – Landed Costs

An issue has been found within both SOP and POP, where by an exception error is given when a user tries to amend an order that contains multiple lines and the user has re-sorted the lines by the ‘Complete’ column.

A hotfix has been released. This is only relevent to Sage 200 SP3.

A known issue has been fixed for Sage 200 2011 SP3.

Some Manufacturing sites found that when recording a POP Invoice for One-Off Works Orders it causes an exception:

1. Create a One-Off Works Order with components that have unconfirmed costs.

2. Raise a POP order for the components and receive in full.

2. Allocate, issue and complete the Works Order.

3. Fully record the POP invoice.

System generates a “Divide By Zero” exception.

The known issue is 4627.  Sage has released a hotfix that must be applied to  Sage 200 2011 sp3 only.

Be aware of a known issue in Sage 200 2011 SP3 that affects Manufacturing WIP postings. It has be found that incorrect cost is posted to the WIP nominal account, when responding to “Cost of Sale” posting from POP if multiple POP Invoices are recorded:

1. Create a Works Order with components that have unconfirmed costs.

2. Raise a POP order for the components and receive in full on multiple GRNs.

3. Allocate, issue and complete the Works Order.

4. Part record the POP invoice.

5. Fully record rest of POP invoice.

Invalid nominal postings are made for the cost of sales on the 2nd GRN.

This known issue is logged as issue 4591, however a hotfix has been released and should be installed for Manufacturing sites running Sage 200 2011 SP3.