I have recently come across a problem within Project accounting. I found this problem in V2010, although I believe it still occurs in v2011.   Below are some details about how the site is set up. Fortunately it is quite a simple project structure!!  

They have 2 Project Item Types: MATERIALS and INVOICE

MATERIALS is set to only display COSTS and have the following Default Nominal Codes:                                                                                                                                                                         Exp. = 410115  000  400  and Rev. = 310100  OT0  300

INVOICE is set to only display CHARGING and have the following Default Nominal Codes:                                                                                                                                                            Exp. = 410101  000  400  and Rev. = 310100  WA0  300


The following Project Items within MATERIALS are used:

CHEA     Nominal = 410116  000  400

CLAB      Nominal = 410101  000  400

CMAT    Nominal = 410115  000  400

The following Project Items within INVOICE are used:

SHEA     Nominal = 310100  WA0  300

SLAB      Nominal = 310100  IS0  300

SMAT    Nominal = 310100 OT0  300


All projects use the structure of:








The scenario which occurs is that when a project is created; a Nominal code for one of the Project Items is incorrect (i.e. it is not the default set on the Project Item record). If the Nominal code is amended and the project saved; when you go back into the Project record the Nominal Code of another Project item is automatically amended, and is incorrect.

The Project Item that is amended seems to be relevant to its position in the structure. For e.g. using the project structure above: If the initial project item, that was wrong, was SHEA; then the amended one would be CHEA. So the first Revenue Item updates the first Cost Item. This is still the case on a test I did where I swapped SHEA and SMAT around. This time CHEA was wrong initially and updated SMAT.

The Nominal codes that items are amended to, are the ones that are hidden due to the Display settings of the Project Item Type. So, CHEA has a hidden revenue code of 310100  DA0  300, which is what SHEA is amended to. SHEA has a hidden expense nominal code of 410101  000  400 which is what CHEA is being amended to.

I haven’t seen any logic in which type of Project Item is incorrect first. The majority of my tests have been the INVOICE items, but occasionally the MATERIAL ones can be.

The impact this problem has is that the wrong Nominal codes have been posted to. So the user has to make sure they check the nominal code for each transaction.

I have logged the issue with Sage, and the Bug No. is 4289 with a Severity 2.

They have struggled to replicate entirely, however I have created the same problems within the Demo Data.

The good news is that there is a work around which Sage have come up with. If Project Item Types are amended so that all the display settings are enabled (Costs and Charges), then the correct Nominal Codes are used. Obviously the downside to this is that it fails to distinguish between Cost and Revenue Project Items; which is the recommended way to create Project Items.

I hope this all makes sense and doesn’t confuse you. But if you use Project accounting check the Nominal Codes are correct.