Export and UPDATE Customer, Supplier, Stock Item and Nominal Account records

Back in Spring 2019, functionality was introduced to allow you to export and update information for Customer, Supplier, Stock Item and Nominal Account records This makes things so much easier if you need to make a lot of changes to existing information. It’s also something that end users can do. When using one of theContinue reading “Export and UPDATE Customer, Supplier, Stock Item and Nominal Account records”

Sage 200c – Hide Customer and Supplier Accounts

In line with the theme for much of Sage 200c new features, a long-requested feature by users was a way of “Inactivating” a customer (or supplier) account. Generally, this is because the customer / supplier is no longer traded with, but the account history makes it difficult to archive and purge transactions to get toContinue reading “Sage 200c – Hide Customer and Supplier Accounts”

Sage 200 2016 SP2

Sage 200 2016 SP2 has been out for a while now. One key issue that impacted users in Sage 200 2016 were the restrictions on Accounts which were placed ‘On Hold’. There is an issue with entering Memo’s and also it is not possible to allocate transactions. SP2 fixed the Memo issue. It didn’t fixContinue reading “Sage 200 2016 SP2”

SAGE 200 2013: Sales Ledger Free Text Credit Note

Since MMS version 1.00, the Sales Ledger has had the ability to post and print an Invoice using the Free Text Invoice. However if a Free Text Credit Note was required the options were to use SOP (which could have been an expensive solution), or use a Word/Excel template for the documentation (duplication and longerContinue reading “SAGE 200 2013: Sales Ledger Free Text Credit Note”