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Let’s get Talking Sage 200 again!

It’s been a while! Lots to start posting about. We have had Sage 200c and there are lots of updates for add ons with changes to Credit Hound, the new Spindle Self Service Portal, Sicon Barcoding and Warehousing to name a few.

It’s busy, busy, busy at Smith Cooper System Partners but I am going to do my best to start posting again.

How are people getting on with Sage 200c?

My personal experience to date has been great and I love the installation as it is much quicker. The Send To Excel feature is a great addition too, saving the reformatting requirements of Export as CSV or Excel.

Sage 200 Fixed Assets module

I have had a couple of queries recently in relation to a Fixed Assets module for Sage 200.

Sage have not developed a specific module as part of the standard Sage 200 suite and this is due, in part, to there being various add ons available that are more than adequate for the purpose. Non more so prehaps than Sicon Fixed Assets.

Sicon Fixed Assets is an add on that works from within the standard menu and importantly it “Looks and Feels” like any of the other modules, with its own list view.

It integrates with the standard Financial modules as well as Project Accounting and even has Workspaces available.

It is a fairly simple module to start using, and with the ability to import assets from excel it makes it quite easy to set up.