Export and UPDATE Customer, Supplier, Stock Item and Nominal Account records

Back in Spring 2019, functionality was introduced to allow you to export and update information for Customer, Supplier, Stock Item and Nominal Account records This makes things so much easier if you need to make a lot of changes to existing information. It’s also something that end users can do. When using one of theContinue reading “Export and UPDATE Customer, Supplier, Stock Item and Nominal Account records”

Sage 200 Extra 2016 – What’s New

Sage 200 Extra and Sage 200 Extra Online 2016 have now been released. If you are considering updating or want further information send your details to sagemarketing@smithcooper.co.uk Whilst it is not, perhaps, as drastic an update as the 2015 version, which had a whole change to the UI amongst other features. The 2016 version has some game changingContinue reading “Sage 200 Extra 2016 – What’s New”

Setting Up and Using Landed Costs

Establishing Landed Costs for Stock Items can be difficult. All companies that import or export need to know what the total cost of an item is. Calculating Landed Cost is critical in understanding what a stock item costs and so what price it can be sold for. In order to calculate the Landed Cost, allContinue reading “Setting Up and Using Landed Costs”