Using the Sage 200 Report Designer it is possible to create a report, within a report (embed a report within a report) this is done by creating a Sub Report.

The sub report is maintained separately but within a primary report and is linked using criteria. When the Primary report is generated, the sub report is also generated. The sub-report is displayed within the appropriate section of the primary report and on the same page.

Sub Reports can be very useful when wanting to display related information that is contained in different data sources. This gives the ability to report on data within another system such as Sage 200 CRM.

Sub reports can also be an easier way of displaying information from different areas of Sage 200, rather than adding additional tables or views to a report. Also they can help get around grouping and calculation issues encountered by adding lots of Sections to a report.

The attached document guides you through creating a sub report by amending the Stock Levels report to show details of outstanding Purchase Orders for each Stock item at each Location.

Talking Sage 200 – Sub Reports