VAT Changes – What to consider in Sage 200

In the Chancellor’s summer statement on 8 July 2020, he shared the government’s plans to change UK VAT from 20% to 5% for hospitality, holiday accommodation and admissions to some attractions.

This change came into effect from Wednesday 15 July 2020 and will run through until 12 January 2021.

During this period, you will need to ensure any invoices you raise, and record are done so correctly depending on the classification of the goods / services. You can see which items are impacted here.

Specific government instructions around the VAT rate changes and how it impacts your day-to-day processing can be found here.

It is important for you to review a number of areas within Sage 200 to make sure your system is set up correctly. Please watch my video on Smith Cooper System Partners TV which details what to consider and how to make required changes.

Smith Cooper System Partners TV

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Below I take you through viewing and unreconciling bank accounts.

I have also done a video about Credit control options for Sage 200cloud.

We have also got some great videos from our 3rd party providers Sicon, Draycir and Panintelligence.

Sicon WAP Requisitions

Draycir – Spindle Document Recognition


Export and UPDATE Customer, Supplier, Stock Item and Nominal Account records

Back in Spring 2019, functionality was introduced to allow you to export and update information for Customer, Supplier, Stock Item and Nominal Account records

This makes things so much easier if you need to make a lot of changes to existing information. It’s also something that end users can do.

When using one of the export options (found in each applicable module) the information is exported to a .csv file, in the same format used for an import. This means you can export information and make changes to it using Excel, and then import your changed information back into Sage 200cloud.

The main thing to watch however is that as it is exported as a .csv file, if you simply open this using Excel, fields containing leading zero’s (such as codes, account numbers or references) will lose the zeros. i.e. Account Number ‘00001234’, will become ‘1234’.

Therefore, you either need to bare this in mind and correct these fields before saving to import/update or use the Excel feature ‘From Text/CSV’, available on the ‘Data’ ribbon, to import the CSV to Excel and make the required fields TEXT format.

Excel From TextCSV

To find out exactly “What you can Import, Export and Update”, I suggest going to the Sage 200cloud Professional Help page, by clicking here.

When you are using the import routine to Update existing information, once the Export has been completed, I recommend removing any columns that you do not intend on changing. This makes it easier to work with. However please note all Import files have mandatory fields which you cannot remove (else the Import will fail). Please see applicable templates available from the help page link above.

To Update information, go to the applicable Import routine, and select the Update account if it exists option. Then select Ok to browse to your file.

Customer Import (and UPDATE)

Open ALL and Close ALL modules in Maintain Accounting Periods

In the 2019 Spring release, the ability to open or close an accounting period for all modules at once was introduced. Rather than you having to do each one individually.

Accounting System Manager > Accounting periods > Maintain Accounting Periods

Maintain Accounting Periods

Select any module in the period, then click Open All or Close All (depending upon the status of your period).

You must have permissions to all of the modules to use this. If you only have permission to some then you would have to close these individually.

If one has been closed individually, the remaining can be closed using the All button.

Sage 200 Support During Coronavirus

Whilst I do not get to post or respond to comments as much as I once did, we are in unprecedented times.

Therefore, if you have any Sage 200 issues / queries or problems over the next few weeks please feel free to contact me.

I am going to make a more conscious effort to review comments / messages and tweets regularly.

Perhaps you are not able to get the normal response of your BP, you don’t have the means to contact them or they simply aren’t able to assist.

So, please drop me a line and I will do my best to help either directly or by creating a general blog post.


Sage 200 Manufacturing to be retired – Big News!

Some may have noticed this post pop up last year! But this week Sage have now formally announced the retirement of the Sage 200 Manufacturing module.

Sage announced last year a new partnership with Sicon and will now be providing the Sicon Manufacturing suite as their solution of choice for the UK Manufacturing market.

This is big news, and could have big implications for current Sage 200 Manufacturing sites to think about over the coming months and next couple of years.

For more information, including key dates please follow the below link.

Important Sage 200 Manufacturing Update